Monday, July 18, 2011

Other Baby Things

Around the time I was piecing the baby quilt I realized that I could use my sewing machine for many things besides quilting. I started by appliqueing some onesies. How hard could it be? Hard. HARD. The onesie fabric stretches and it’s nearly impossible to stitch around the applique using the machine and not stitch some other part of the onesie in. In the end, they turned out pretty cute.

I did enjoy adding the ruffles to the backs, as they are for a little girl.
I also had a great time stitching up these cute bibs that I found in the Summer 2011 issue of Quilts and More. The creator was challenged to make something using a pack of charm squares and a fat quarter. I had a pack of charm squares left over from when I made my first quilt. The company sent me the wrong kit and didn’t make me send it back. Notice that these bibs are in the same fabric as Quilt #1.

Originally I used Velcro, but after consulting some new Mommies I found that children can easily pull the Velcro bibs off of themselves. So I made a trip to Jo-Anns to purchase this nifty snap-attacher.
They are really called Grommet Pliers but I like snap-attacher so much better. I think they look much more professional with the snaps than they did with the Velcro, and let’s be honest- I was pumped to have the excuse to buy another gadget.
I was enjoying using my sewing machine for something other than quilting, so I also tried my hand at these baby shoes.

They are called Kimono shoes, I guess because the fabric wraps all the way around. I don’t know if the will stay on a baby’s foot or not. I’ll report back in October, when she’s old enough to try them out.
I didn’t have much time for sewing after pumping out all of those baby shower items, but I did manage to make a few more bibs (in Lilly & Will and Lilly & Will II and some left over Verna by Kate Spain) for two soon-to-arrive babies of Robbie’s friends.


Laura said...

geez youre a professional! youre crankin them out sista! good work!

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