Sunday, July 10, 2011

Playful Pinwheels

I enjoyed branching out my sewing projects, but I was anxious to get back to quilting. I had a few kits waiting to be pieced, so I chose a baby quilt in yellows and blues that would be suitable for a boy or a girl. It is a pinwheel pattern which I love, love. There is something about that playful shape dancing across the quilt that just makes me smile each time I see it.

Upon further inspection of the pattern I realized that these weren’t just any pinwheels…they were 3-D!! The triangles that make up the pinwheels were actually prairie points. Even better, they had pompoms at their centers which upped the cuteness factor, not to mention the fact that they hide the center pinwheel points that don’t always quite match up.

I used the Clover Pompom Maker to quickly stitch up and attach those bad boys. What a fun tool! I wanted to back it with something extra soft so I looked around blogland for some ideas. It seemed that Minkey was the way to go. I read the warnings about stretching but I also found a post about a spray adhesive that I could use to temporarily glue the backing to the batting, thus preventing stretching. It worked like a charm!

I stitched in the ditch, hand sewed the binding, and I was finished!


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