Monday, July 18, 2011

A Baby Quilt

Around the time I was finishing up Robbie’s Quilt, a friend of mine from work told me she was pregnant. Yes!! I had been waiting for the opportunity to make a baby quilt and I poured over my quilting magazines looking for the perfect pattern. It didn’t take long to find it. In an old issue of Quiltmaker I found a pattern in cream, green, and brown flannels that was made up of only two alternating blocks: a nine-patch and an appliqued fleece sheep. At the time she didn’t know if she would be having a girl or a boy, and this pattern would be great for either one. Plus, I knew she would like the colors. I set about cutting and sewing and immediately regretted my decision to use flannel instead of cotton. Flannel stretches and distorts. No matter how carefully I cut and sewed, I just couldn’t get the seams to line up. I started to get frustrated, but soon reminded myself that this is only the 5th quilt I’ve ever made and before I started quilting I had never even used a sewing machine before.

The applique part was easier, and I even used one of my decorative stitches to create the sheep’s’ eyes.
In the end it went together well, and I’m sure I’m the only one who notices those seams that are just a little “off”.
I stitched in the ditch between the blocks and stitched an X over the nine-patch blocks. I also quilted sheep around the boarder. I added a cute label to the back (something I know I should do every time) and finished just in time for the baby shower!


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