Friday, August 26, 2011

My cousins came to stay with us at the beach and they wanted to do some sewing. I helped each girl make a bag using the same pattern as the one I used to make this one. It's hard to see it from the picture, but the fabric is glittery. They turned out really great, even better than I thought they would. My other cousin is a six year old boy and he really enjoyed all of the buttons, switches, and knobs on the sewing machine. He helped me sew strips for another project I'm working on (pictures coming soon), and started asking when I would make him a blanket. I rounded up some scraps and some Kona (white) and he sat with me and and sewed strips until it was time for him to go to bed. He controlled the foot pedal, I guided the fabric. I stayed up and finished the whole thing by about midnight. For a last minute quick quilt, it turned out pretty good. The largest piece of coordinating fabric wasn't quite big enough to cover the back, so I sewed a strip on each side.
I also made a label the next day and didn't get a picture. It turned out pretty well though, and I've vowed to go back and create labels for my first five quilts that don't have them. Now that school has started back up I don't anticipate having as much time to sew and blog but I'll do my best to update a few times each month!


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